Sulfuric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide

NORAM provides innovative process technology, engineering and equipment to metallurgical, sulfur-burning, and acid regeneration sulfuric acid plants, and sulfur dioxide plants.


Greenfield Sulfuric Acid Plants


Greenfield Sulfur Dioxide Plants

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Modernization of World-Scale Sulfuric Acid Plants

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Debottle-necking and Process Studies

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Cataytic Converters

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Gas-to-Gas Heat Exchangers

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Acid Towers &
Pump Tanks

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SMART Acid Distributors

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HP Ceramic Packing Installations

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Sulfur Furnaces

 NORAM’s equipment and systems, reduce environmental emissions, increase energy efficiency , increase capacity and improve plant reliability of plants of all scales around the world.

NORAM'S Sulfuric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide Plant

NORAM Engineering specializes in all aspects of sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide manufacture. Technologies pioneered by NORAM have enabled sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide producers around the globe to:

  • Extend the life of existing facilities
  • Improve operating economics and cost-effectively
  • Meet more stringent environmental emission standards.

Our capabilities encompass plant design, systems design, optimization and debottlenecking studies, supply of equipment, and design and engineering of integrated plants.

We design and supply all major equipment required in a sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide plant. Projects often start with engineering studies using proprietary process flowsheeting programs to simulate complete plants, specify new equipment or identify plant bottlenecks. Further work develops detailed designs and mechanical drawings for systems and equipment to meet stringent process specifications and reliability requirements.

Sulfuric Acid Plant - Gas Side
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Sulfuric Acid Plant - Acid Side
Sulfur Dioxide Plant


Sulfuric Acid Density
Sulfuric Acid Viscosity
Site Pressure